January 27, 2015

Legislative Survey for the 2015 General Legislative Session

Yesterday marked the first day of the 2015 General Legislative Session. The House opened with a somber tone, remembering former House Speaker Becky Lockhart, who died on January 17, 2015 due to an extremely rare degenerative neurological disease. Speaker Lockhart will be missed. I will always be grateful for her example, leadership, and commitment to good government.

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October 20, 2014

Committed to the Education of YOUR Children

Being a father of four children, I understand how important it is that Utah kids receive a top notch education. Utah’s Constitution guarantees education funding and our priorities must focus on the student.  One size fits all big government programs don’t work when it comes to meeting the individual learning needs of Utah kids.  We need to give parents and teachers the information and tools they need to ensure our children get the education necessary to compete in the workforce.

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October 17, 2014

Fighting for YOUR conservative values

The reason why Utah has consistently ranked in the top 10 economically is because of the prudent and wise financial decisions made by the state legislature. We were able to tap into rainy day funds and make tough decisions to ensure that Utah successfully navigated the Great Recession. Utah is now in a better financial position than it was before 2008.

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