Government transparency is vital. Public Officials must be accountable for their conduct. Unnecessary governmental obstacles must be eliminated within state agencies.

Transparency in government is vital. Public officials must be held accountable for their conduct. Unnecessary governmental meddling and obstacles must be eliminated within state agencies. I will advocate for transparency in government and stop bureaucratic obstacles.

In July of 2013, I was appointed by Speaker Becky Lockhart to serve on the House Special Investigative Committee. On January 7, 2013, John E. Swallow was sworn in as Utah’s Attorney General. Within days, allegations of improper and potentially illegal conduct by him surfaced in the press, driven by a Utah businessman named Jeremy Johnson who was under indictment by the federal government. A firestorm ensued and, on July 3, 2013, the Utah House of Representatives established a Special Investigative Committee to investigate and report on these and other allegations of misconduct by Mr. Swallow.

The Committee, with the assistance of Special Counsel and an investigative staff, conducted approximately 165 witness interviews and reviewed and analyzed tens of thousands of pages of documents over the course of its investigation. The vast majority of the Committee’s work occurred prior to November 21, 2013, the date on which Mr. Swallow announced his resignation from the Attorney General’s Office, effective in early December.

While the corruption of any public office is unacceptable, the corruption of the office specifically tasked with ensuring equal justice under law is particularly harmful because it undermines the public’s faith that justice in the State is being dispensed equally and without regard to economic, social or political status. I am very proud of my role serving on the House Special Investigative Committee and the House Ethics Committee today.


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